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Guide to an extraordinary first date – by Nicholas S. Chan – eBook – [PDF]


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This book “Guide to an extraordinary first date” fills the gap between the guys and a successful first date. Nowadays, arranging a date via Facebook, Tinder, or picking up girls for the skilled ones out there is a comparatively easy task, however, truly impressing the ladies is still an art on its own. Master your first date using this guide.


  1. First Contact
  2. Small Talk
  3. Lunch/Dinner
  4. The Bar & Clubbing
  5. Special Locations
  6. Rules of Engagement
  7. Her Mindset
  8. How do you know that she is interested?
  9. How to deal woth princess sickness?
  10. 3 Cs – CASH, CAR, COMPOUND
  11. Stating the obvious
  12. First Date Survival Kit

There are only 3 things you need to know about: Guide to an extraordinary first date.

  • It`s a step-by-step approach
  • It`s easy to follow
  • It`s practical

Go out there and show the ladies an extraordinary first date.

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