A-Grade Job Hunting


Do you know how A-Grade Job Hunting works? I`ll tell you.
Forget all about sending out hundreds of resumes without a purpose. It is like shooting with a machine gun at a small target. You need to job hunt like a sniper. A sniper gets in, gets the mission done, and gets out. One shot one kill. That`s the new way of job hunting!

1.  Find out what you`re good at and develop your skills.

2. Figure out what it`s going to be that you would like to become or contribute to. Don`t look at the job market searching for what industry is hiring. It doesn`t matter which industry is hiring. You are supposed to go for a job that is of value to your ambition and goals. Additionally, ask yourself where your skills can create the most value.

3. Prepare thoroughly for the company and job you want to go for. Study what the company is all about: Vision, Mission, Core Values. Moreover, get into the market and their competitor`s mind. Truly wanting to contribute to a company also means understanding who your allies, competitors, and enemies are.

4. Get familiar with a potential challenge the company could face and prepare an A-Grade solution to solve it.

5. Anticipate possible questions a hiring manager/boss could ask you.


6. Get in touch with the company you dream of working for.

- Apply to a job advertisement
- Send an initiative application
- Get in contact with someone you know in the company
- Get in touch someone who works for the company you don`t know
- Cold Call to ask for an interview
- Walk in personally to introduce yourself
- Always try getting in touch with the boss himself

7. Follow-up
Give them a call in order to see if the company you apply for actually received your resume and/or when you can expect an answer.

8. Be bold
Many managers, decision makers, and bosses appreciate the courage to walk-in and introduce yourself. It doesn`t necessarily mean that they want 150 applicants walking into their office or shop, however, meeting an applicant in person shows that you really want the job. The “Walk-in” technique is easier if there is a retail shop to go to. You might get in touch with someone who is in favour of you and talks you up in front of the boss. Being bold will pay off.

9. Networking
You want a job, go to a networking events. There is so much potential there, it`s unbelievable. Never underestimate the power of network. Somebody you meet might be able to introduce you to somebody wanting to hire. Maybe even at the event you can get in touch with your future boss.
Numerous jobs are not being advertised for several reasons. One of them is the high costs of advertising itself. Secondly, the company itself will first exploit their own network of people, which means their own employees, family and friends.
If you go to the right event, you`ll probably find a job. What you will also find is a network that you can go to for business cooperation or making friends. That`s the power of networking.

10. Job fairs
Job Fairs are mostly held over a few days in a city where companies are recruiting for all kinds of jobs. It is the perfect opportunity to see what the market has to offer. It might match your skills. Get as much information and go to as many companies as possible. Many companies even interview on the spot, that`s why you need to dress up and bring your CV with you. If you already know which industry interests you, of course, only go for the companies that you want to work for. It`s called a “job fair” and you are the sales person selling your skills and future effort. Go all in!

11. 骑牛找马
骑 qí - ride
牛 niú  - cow
找 zhǎo - search
马 mǎ – horse

Basically, it translates to “ride a cow in order to find a horse”. Even if the first job might not be your dream job, take it. It will provide you with the resources that you need to keep on going. When the right time comes and you have found your dream job, it is easier to change jobs than starting from scratch.
Please, do not misinterpret this. This is not about being opportunistic and taking job after job just for an increase in salary. It is about getting started and getting to your dream step-by-step! Perseverance is important in order to find your dream horse, job or profession.
If you do not like your current job, focus on “over-delivering”, exceeding expectations and performing well at your job, then soon you will get work you will love. Maybe you will eventually start to like what you’re doing or someone else will recognize you and offer you the job you are actually looking for.
Get a job in order to learn what you need or a subject you want to know more about. Also think about how you can best contribute to your employer and the company.
Think about not only to climbing up the career ladder fast but whether you are actually on the right ladder that suits you. Of course, getting started is important but you should already be thinking two steps ahead. Where do you want to be and what do you want to do eventually?


Book Recommendations:

Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve - Liz Ryan


Written by Nicholas Sebastian Chan

March, 2017

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