Why should you improve and reflect on a daily basis? Don`t you have anything better to do?

1. Firstly, taking time and going through the PROS & CONS that happen in your life doesn´t mean you ought to worry. It is about healthy analysis about the direction you are going and the return of your efforts.

2. Secondly, reflecting and WRITING DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS keeps your mind free from unneeded fears and worries. It helps you “downloading” your thoughts and put it on paper. Take a Notepad and some time out of your busy schedule and start writing.

3. It might seem that you`re scrambling down random ideas, words, concepts, etc., keep on doing it. However, you come up with these words for a reason. There are some innate emotions or desires that you cannot tap into with your conscious. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU UNCONSCIOUS WANTS TO TELL YOU. Don`t analyse your notes yet. Wait until the end.

4. The fourth reason why you need to constantly improve and reflect is that all high-performers do it. PROFESSIONALS, ATHLETES AND ENTREPRENEURS REFLECT AND IMPROVE TO BECOME THE BEST. You must do the same. Tim Grover in his book Relentless shows how its done.

5. Hundreds of years ago people were doing lots of STUDYING, READING AND RESEARCHING – at least those who could read. Most often brilliant minds were among them who became famous for discoveries or philosophical concepts. Improving and reflecting on life is not a waste of time, it`s a necessity.

6. Reflecting on things is an INDICATOR THAT YOU ACTUALLY ARE ALIVE and a human being. This is at least one ability that distinguishes us from most of the animal world.

7. Why wouldn`t you improve yourself? Reflect first, then improve! Becoming AWARE first and then taking action is a must in order to BECOME THE BEST. The world is a competitive place, and by you improving daily, you can dominate. “CHAMPIONS DOMINATE”, would sales guru Grant Cardone say.

8. WHEN YOU´RE YOUNG, YOU NEED A TRACK TO RUN ON. However, who show`s you that track. Thus you need someone who`s walked the path before. Learn and reflect upon the lessons of other people.

9. Reflection will take you into ANOTHER STATE OF MIND. Your focus will increase. Take time to just BE, and nothing more. It is like meditation. Let go…

10. In the world of animals and nature, you whether IMPROVE, ADAPT OR DIE. You improve or you go down. Take nature as a role model. There is so much to learn. You need to get inspiration from outside, but you will need time to comprehend until you can use the information to your advantage.

11. Last, but not least, reflection and self-improvement mean understanding the concept of THINKING and TAKING ACTION. Execution with the right concept in mind will take you to new heights. It will elevate your game to the next level.


Written by Nicholas S. Chan

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